Segmentation Beyond Device and Location
iZooto’s audience builder lets you create highly targeted audience segments as per user activity. Generate more value for your users. Understand user journey, qualify them on the basis of their intent, interests and actively engage them.
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The Power of Targeted Notifications

27% Click Through Rates and 5% conversions - that is what targeted notifications can help you achieve. Unlock more clicks, views, leads and sales.
Capture user activities, convert it into actionable information to reach out to the right users with the right notification. Send notifications to users abandoning shopping carts, activate dormant users, update users about new blog posts, upcoming sale and more.
chrome push notifications with banner images on desktop

Target Right Users With Event Based Segmentation

Track actions of your users as they navigate through your website. Capture the buttons users click, forms they fill, products they add to cart, pages they visit and use this information to create niche audience segments.
Engage with each one of them differently and drive your conversions.

Personalise to suit different tastes

Draw insights from user behaviour and use it to make your notifications more relevant. Capture user behaviour, demographics and use that smartly to make your communication more targeted and accurate.
chrome push notifications with banner images on desktop
chrome push notifications with banner images on desktop

Go Hyperlocal With Your Notification

Running a special offer for your users on Baker Street? Or expanding your service areas to a new city? Use iZooto to create Country, State, City specific audience segments and send them delightful notifications.
Marketer Friendly Integration
Start capturing user actions, properties and everything else or use an Action Recorder Tool.
Ready Plugins
Using Shopify? Use our plugin and automatically start tracking user activity and user journey.
Supercharged Support
We understand that setting up event tracking can be a bit complicated.